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Hi! I'm Sahar, a 19 year old fangirl. Multifandom blog. I love Klaus and Joseph Morgan too much. I get Mikaelsons Family feels a lot. Love The Originals. Ichabbie will be the death of me. Klaroline shipper all the way. I make GIFsets and I write things. Multishipping is my life. [This is a hate-free blog. I do not contribute to fandom drama]

a Warrior Fights for his Family

To be Loved by You: Interferences 


"Don’t touch each other" he says through gritted teeth.

"Oh come on, mate" Klaus rolls his eyes "You’re neither her father, nor a principle who caught his students making out. No need for dramatics"

"You don’t get to talk" Stefan snaps "I’m gonna need at least a month to wipe that image off of my mind".

Beautiful cover by Nicole

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