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Hi! I'm Sahar, a 19 year old fangirl. Multifandom blog. I love Klaus and Joseph Morgan too much. I get Mikaelsons Family feels a lot. Love The Originals. Ichabbie will be the death of me. Klaroline shipper all the way. I make GIFsets and I write things. Multishipping is my life. [This is a hate-free blog. I do not contribute to fandom drama]

a Warrior Fights for his Family


Hello everyone!

We’re thrilled to announce that within the span of two days we have gained over 100 followers! Thank you all so much for the love and support! We will try to always cater to your Klaus needs. And remember, if you want to see anything GIFed, all you have to do is ask ;)

Thanks again!

Sahar, Michelle, and Royal

"We need a signal. Need to hang a tie on the doorknob or something."

A B B I E !

Niklaus Mikaelson → 2x05 “Red Door”

Klaus & Esther in ‘Every Mother’s Son’

Oh, you lied to me to hide your own transgressions
because of your own fear!